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This Site is too talk about This is not a cheat site
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PostSubject: Rules   Fri Jan 19, 2007 7:50 pm

Hey everyone! These are the rules you need to read!

1. Auctions

If you would like to hold a auction please but the item and the ending date and time in the title of your post.

Starting bids no higher than 50k

Only one auction at a time! Please dont have five going on at the same time

Have a starting date and ending date and what items The members will be bidding on on your post!


If you would like to have a contest please give rules!

If you want to have a contest not related to Mills please contact a Moderater or the Admin

Have Ending date and time in your post

Have only one contest going on at a time

Give what prizes will be given

Ex. 1st place-50k

2nd place-30k

3rd place-10k

***More Rules***
1.This is not a cheat site
2.This was created to give Millsberry tips
3. No hate speeches or cursing
4.If any ?'s contact a mod or the admin
5.If you have any Ideas for the newsletter contact A mod or admin
6.No advertising

If theres any more questions that you have please contact me (Breannap4) and i will add them to the set of rules
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